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All coaching sessions can either be conducted in person (at agreed upon location), over the phone, or through video chat.

Single Sessions

This well-rounded service allows the client to be able to work on multiple areas of their life without feeling restricted by a specific title, whether working on Career, Personal Relationships, Self Improvement, or Breaking Bad Habits, while developing more positive ones. This service covers them all.

Couples Sessions

These sessions are great for couples who are looking to improve communication in their relationship, whether it be pre-marital coaching, building positive interpersonal communication skills, or rediscovering how to reignite the fire in the relationship.

30 Minutes - $60

60 Minutes - $100

60 Minutes - $150

90 Minutes - $225

Group Sessions

(3 to 6 Attendees)

These sessions are great for small groups who have been working together to solve a common problem(s), have hit a roadblock, and need an outside perspective along with a strategy that will help them to reach their individual and collective goals.

$60 Per Person / Per Hour

*Workshops, Consulting, and Motivational Speaking - Contact Us for pricing.*

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