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Life Coaching for Confidence & Success

Life Coaching sessions are ideal for anyone who has decided that they want to change their lives for the better, face challenging decisions, or want to be more successful in achieving their goals. These sessions will provide you with the focused support and encouragement that will help you really make a difference by:

  • Building your confidence and strengthening positive self-belief

  • Improving your relationships

  • Developing practical strategies for a better quality of life

  • Helping you to get clear and able to really focus on your goals

  • Supporting you in making difficult decisions

Deon 'Simply D' Upshaw, Life Coach
Deon 'Simply D' Upshaw, Life Coach, Innermix, Innermix Life Coaching

Top Reasons to Hire a Life Coach


Goals: You will set far better and more realistic goals that motivate you.

Many people have never created a Goal Setting Strategy, which is why most people when asked `what do you want’ – they can only respond with “I know what I don’t want!” A coach is an expert in helping you to identify and set realistic and achievable goals that you really want. Choosing the right goals for you is an art, a coach will help you clarify your personal values, so that you have something really solid on which to develop your goals. Value-based goals are naturally motivating.

Accomplishments: Your goals, tasks and projects will be accomplished more quickly.

Working with a coach can save time, you will learn how to be far more effective, efficient and productive in everything that you do in all aspects in your life. The Coach has the tools and techniques to share with their clients so that things get done in half the time.

Successful Manager

Clarity: You'll make fewer mistakes.

Working with a Coach enables you to gain clarity on any situation, enabling you to make the right choice and decision for you to move forward in your life. A coach will not, unless asked be directive. With your coach you will work on your ideal life, you will be encouraged to visualize your future so you are in no doubt which path to take that is right for you.

Focused: You'll move forward in your professional and personal life.

By working with a coach you will see where you are right now, work out where you want to be and create the necessary steps to grow to reach your goals. It is not always about getting to the top of your profession or moving up the ladder. Sometimes people just want to be happy and acknowledge that this is also OK. By working out what you do want and not what you don’t want you will be able to focus on the positive and enjoy the process.

Girl Relaxing

Stress Reduction: You will have a lot less stress in your life.

Coaches know how to help you to reduce stress, integrate all aspects of your life, simplify or downshift, and re-orientate around what makes you the happiest. What good is increased productivity and profitability if you are too stressed to enjoy it?

Happiness: You will be able to reduce the number of problems in your life.

Most people will agree, happiness plays a major part in their lives. To create happiness you need to reduce the number of problems you have and be able to handle any that you will encounter. Life is too short and problems are too expensive. Working with a Coach, your happiness will increase and problems will become more manageable. 

Successful Girl

Effective: You will be much more effective and influential with everyone in your life.

Communication makes life. A Coach is an expert communicator and works with you on how to come across better, relate well with others, listen aggressively, influence, Coach, motivate and support others.

Career Building: You will be able to find where you belong in your career.

Your coaches will help you to leverage your ability to make money, i.e., getting a raise, choosing a better career, starting a business, improving profitability, adding more value to your customers, proper pricing, productivity, etc. Sure, Coaching is personal, but it almost always includes a strong financial aspect. 

Happy Family

Life: You'll have a better life, not just a better lifestyle.

The term `Quality of Life’ has become overused in the past few years, but the trend of people seeking to create a much better life for themselves is accelerating. In fact, people are re-examining what they had assumed that a good life was (married, 2.3 kids, nice car, secure job, church on Sundays, 3 weeks of vacation a year) and are now creating their own life, often breaking the rules and flying in the face of conventional wisdom in the process. Coaches understand the Life Design process and have already made many of the design changes in their life, which you are just now beginning to make.

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