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Life Coaching Testimonials

More Than Capable

"Deon’s incredible ability to connect with any individual he meets makes him among the top life coaches in the industry. With his exceptional interpersonal skills, he is able to identify the specific needs of his clients and help them reach their goals. His approach to life coaching is unique because he understands the cultural sensitivities of his clients and helps them recognize and draw out their individual talents. He has proven his capability at covering many different aspects of personal development that a person would possibly aspire for, whether it is professional direction, leadership skills, personal fulfillment or life balance. However, what makes him stand out among other life coaches is that instead of merely giving advice to his clients, he helps them look internally and find their answers from within. And he serves as a powerful influence, enabling and inspiring clients to make positive changes to their lives."

~ T. Thi, Arcadia, CA

Life Changing in the Best Way

"As someone who has dealt with a lot of emotional trauma and personal tragedy, I grew up having serious trust issues. I met Mr. Deon Upshaw several years ago through a mutual acquaintance. He immediately was able to read me and without prying into my personal life, he was able to get me to open up to him. Mr. Upshaw has been a friend, a mentor, and a consultant. He has been a motivational force and at times, the voice of reason when my world came crumbling down. He has been able to guide me while assisting me in reaching a feasible business plan! I am truly blessed to have met Mr. Deon Upshaw! He has been the only person who wanted nothing from me but for me to grow and prosper as an individual. He is a selfless, respectable, and intelligent man. Whoever comes in his path, he will assist in bettering their lives. Mr. Deon Upshaw he is a gift to humanity!"

~A. Galestanian, Los Angeles, CA

Bright Light of Wisdom and Encouragement

"Working with Mr. Deon Upshaw has been a very pleasurable and learning experience. He is very understanding, helpful, and patient. I am a witness of all the great ways he has helped others who were on the brink of just giving up on life. People reach out to him on the Innermix Show just to get personal advice from him on just about everything. He will not give up on you and will work with you through anything. He's is also very genuine and loves to help people period. He has an awesome work ethic and is a team player. I love working with him and hearing all the advice he has to give. I believe anyone would."

~T.Bazemore, Windsor, North Carolina

He Took the Time to Talk to Me

"I had the fortunate opportunity to have Deon as my life coach during a vulnerable point in my life.  I was unsure of my future, losing faith, and subconsciously desperate to find direction and something real.  I didn’t know what it meant to truly love myself, which in turn made me become involved in relationships that were ultimately not good for me.  I felt lost.


Having Deon as a life coach really helped me on the path to dealing with my past and the skeletons in my closet that I had hid so deeply.  He is probably still the absolute most patient person that I know on the planet, which is his God-given super power."

~ J. Son, Norwalk, CA

Eye Opening Experience

"I met Deon Upshaw about two years ago at Camp Bloomfield. Meeting him was a blessing in itself. At the time I didn’t know what he did, turns out he’s a Life Coach. Like Deon, I myself am visually impaired. He has helped me to understand that my disability is not a limitation and shouldn’t get in the way of my goals and dreams in life. He has helped me to step outside of my comfort zone, whether it be in front of a camera or have actual conversations with others about what I want to do in life.  My passion is to be an actress or a director in the Film and TV Industry. Deon has helped me to understand that things do take time, and although it’ll take a lot of hard work, my goals are not out of reach. Having him as my coach has had its fun and funny times. His infectious humor makes every conversation long but amusing. Half of the time they are full of laughter, and that makes working with him all the better. Being blind or having any other sort of disability, should not stop you from living the life you’d like to live, and that’s something that he has taught me, and it is what I hold onto."


~ M. Donner, Victorville, CA

Building Good Habits and a Positive Outlook

When I was looking for a life coach, I needed someone who would understand that mental illness was part of my journey.  I also needed a stigma free space in order to explore my life goals. I found both in Mr. Upshaw. He really listened to my concerns and showed empathy.  I developed a quick rapport with him, as soon as 5 minutes in to the session. Deon helped me pinpoint the goals that were most important for me to focus on and gave me advice that even my therapist said was very wise.  I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of guidance and direction, not to mention wise counsel.


~ Aimee S., Upland, CA

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